The Role Of Management

Management plays a vital role in almost all corporate nowadays. This is because of the factor that a company’s welfare and reputation among the people depends on the management team in the company. The management team / committee put forwards various objectives and goals that need to be accomplished and they utilize the resources effectively with the help of man power, they achieve the goal. Thus, a company’s profit or loss depends upon how effective a management functions in the social market.


This management is taught to the students by Universities. One of such management oriented reputed educational institute is Marylhurst University which is located in Portland, Oregon. They offer nearly 50 plus courses for degrees. Well-equipped classroom sessions are available and professional trained, experienced faculties teach the students in an interactive seminar based lectures. Apart from offline classroom training, they also offer online classes for students. The students can enroll their names through the university website and choose their elective courses on their choice. Marylhurst University offers real-time elective subjects to the students so that they will train to face the dynamic out world challenges.

Real Time Elective Courses

The university has brought out many successful personnel’s to the world and most of them are in good position in the society. The four main real time elective courses they offer are Health care, sustainability, Business and Real estate. Health care generally focuses on hospital management and administration, the study of gerontology which means the study of social, cognitive, and physical aspects of aging. Sustainability focuses on renewable energy management, how to conserve the earth and green revolution. Business management in general speaks about the financial, marketing, nonprofit management studies. Financial management is necessary for any company to learn about the asset, liabilities, profit and loss, dividends, and partnership firms. Marketing management is essential to promote any company through media and advertising agencies.

The students in this elective will learn what type of product to market and what is the right time to create awareness among the people and where to market. Marylhurst’s masters in real estate deals with the real estate business operations. This is one such real time courses offered. To be a successful land owner, one must understand where to purchase the land, and the real estate leaders seize new opportunities to keep their firm stable in the market. The students will also learn about how to value the land, market stabilization, and its demand, falling prices, vendors for the firm, the suppliers, the supply machinery and logistic values, and also the capital resources.

By considering all these above said factors, real estate management teaches the students with live projects and assignment tasks. The university website is designed in a way it is user friendly and it explains each and every elective courses they offer. Apart from curricular activities, they also offer extracurricular activities like clubs, sports, IT’s help desk, math resource centre, and so on. The Marylhurst University explores the subject matter in a unique form that reflects their longstanding commitment to the liberal arts and social responsibility.