Scriptural Concepts of Wise Management Of Your Capital, Pt 1

Need to know the key to financial success? It comes down to controlling your hard earned money–locked in trust for God–sensibly. Learn scriptural concepts of wise management of your capital.

Whenever you preach on stewardship you need to make certain to incorporate teaching on wise management of your capital. Many people all over the world violate these concepts and suffer the effects. That will help you within the preaching task, I am such as the first couple of points in the second sermon within the stewardship series presented in Pastor Driven Stewardship: 10 Steps to guide Your Church to Scriptural Giving.

I. Make use of a Budget (Prov. 21:5a).

A. “The plans from the diligent lead surely to advantage”

1. The plans the “diligent” (determined, steady worker) make result in financial success.

2. The verse does not say, “Make use of a budget,” however the principle of diligent planning suggests the requirement for a financial budget.

B. A financial budget is only a method of planning your financial existence.

ILLUSTRATION: The late Ray Burkett would be a Christian financial planner. He earned an excellent contribution towards the church together with his books and tapes on scriptural concepts of cash management. In the book, Solutions for your Family’s Financial Questions, he creates concerning the purpose and cost of the budget:

A financial budget is simply a brief-range arrange for how to spend your hard earned money during next season. A financial budget shouldn’t restrict your freedom to savor existence it ought to expand it.

“How,” you say, “can living on a tight budget expand my freedom?” By assisting you live in your means and never get into debt. If you are already indebted, a financial budget can help you from it.

A financial budget isn’t magical, and living on a single will not let you spend more money than you are making and steer clear of debt. However a budget will explain if you have spent all you are able manage to every month in every category, for example entertainment, food, and gasoline.

A financial budget also informs you the way much you have to save every month for just one-time annual expenses, for example vehicle insurance, property taxes, and clothing.

ILLUSTRATION: My spouse is wonderful at handling money and she or he takes the duty for planning our budget. We’ve resided on a tight budget since the very first day i was married and also the meticulous planning involved has allowed us to prevent financial trouble.

1. If you’re not with a couple type of budget inside your family, you can’t be following God’s word, which shows us to softly plan our way of life.

2. You will find many fine sources in Christian book stores on how to create a plan for your loved ones.

(The 2nd principle of wise management of your capital would be to. . .)

II. Possess a Savings Plan (Prov. 21:20).

A. The footnote about this verse within the Ryrie Study Bible makes this comment: “The wise guy plans and saves for future years, however the foolish person squanders what he’s.Inch

1. A sensible guy does not spend everything he makes.

2. He saves a lot of it for unforeseen problems as well as for future anticipated needs.

ILLUSTRATION: Again, Ray Burkett gives seem advice: “I have faith that families should allocate a portion of their earnings to savings. Without having any savings as well as your vehicle breaks lower, or even the washer is out, or even the refrigerator quits, then you will need to depend on credit and eventually finish up much deeper indebted.Inch

ILLUSTRATION: We’ve always attempted in order to save something regularly. For quite some time i was saving for any future vehicle purchase. Then, twelve months I’d a significant surgery. Our insurance covered the majority of the bills but we did owe a substantial amount. We could pay individuals unpredicted costs from our vehicle savings. By enabling us in order to save that cash, God had deliver to our hospital bills ahead of time. We’re now likely to trust God to satisfy our requirement for cars when our present ones quit working.

B. Should you spend all you make rather than save anything, you aren’t as being a wise manager of God’s money.

1. Save something, regardless of how smallFree Reprint Articles, from every salary.

2. It’ll accumulate with time which is a great habit to build up.