Money Saving Tips

We all know that we should keep it. However, only a few of us escape. Why? Because there are too many competing priorities for the money in our lives. However, you can save more of their purchases for a situation that will surely come, the university of their children, retirement home and you. You do not think you have enough money. You may think your paycheck to paycheck, nothing is left after meeting their expenses. You might think that you should get more money than they have enough money to save.

 It is true that the economy is not a matter of mathematics. It is an emotional. When you save a priority, then and only then will save money. Before deciding to pay yourself first, you will not be saved. By the time you reach the end will not be enough money for you. Here are some quick tips on how to save money.

 Tip # 1 – Know where your money goes

Keep track of what you spend the next month. Write down every purchase, or receipt of the request. But at the end of the month, your job is to account for every penny.

 Tip # 2 – Get control of your debt

Unsecured debt and credit card loans is a car two largest personal finance channels. Adopt the attitude that if you pay money for it, do not. Stop using your credit card and pay high interest rates on things that you probably do not need anyway. Stop buying a new car on credit, it will lose its value when a lot of driving. Use the snowball method to get out of debt and then stay out!

 Tip # 3 – Are you a collector?

Many people spend money and merchandise. Maybe you collect records, books, antiques, coins, dolls … view your collection. Do they have a real value (for a limited number of high demand), which are one of the thousands who have no real resale value? Have a duplicate? Are you buying most enjoy?

 Tip # 4 – Review your budget to give a gift

Or buy expensive gifts long list of friends and family? You can do anything, no more likely to mean the person who receives the prize? Sometimes, for consumption, home gift for someone whose house was a mess and that includes the record will be the best gift they receive.

Tip # 5 – Use “sleep on it” option rule

Before making a major purchase (most people are not more than $ 300, but limit your staff be more or less), sleep on it. Why do you think that sellers are trying to close the deal before going to the store? They know if you have time to think about it, might decide that you really need not buy now. So go home and sleep on it. If you are still completely in the morning to buy is what to do, then go ahead and do that (assuming no bias Tip # 2 using a credit card or going further into debt!).

 Tip # 6 – Always write a shopping list before shopping

Shop with a list and do not buy anything that is not on the list. Much research has gone into the store shows the building to get buyers to make impulse purchases. If you keep your list, you are not prey to marketing tactics. Another good way to purchase is to use a holistic approach. When you can speak and write a check for cash in the amount of their purchases in payment and put it in an envelope. When the envelope is empty, stop buying food until the next payday when you can fill out an envelope.

 Tip # 7 – Throw Parties

No, I do not mean relentless, costly affair. But instead of dining out, why not invite some of his friends instead. You can even ask them to bring their favorite potluck dish and eat. You can talk a good book or watching a Redbox $ 1 Fun rent can still be fun, but not expensive.

 Tip # 8 – “de-clutter

Go through your closets and cabinets, and sort through your clothes. If you’re like most people, you have to be repaired clothes, the clothes, and the need to pull the clothes that no longer fit for you or if you simply do not like anymore. In addition to the actual repair and correction, but does not replace it. Clothes do not want to go back to be sold at garage sales, which had been brought to a consignment shop, or even sacrificing tax cuts goodwill (just ask on your bill).

Tip # 9 – Buying Used

Not everything has to be bought again. Is your washing machine breaks? You can get used to your local electronics store for $ 75 Is the child through play video? Buying Used Hastings or your local video game store. You can also buy movies resale in your local or nearest Redbox outlet store. Do not ever buy a new car. Thousands of dollars will be lost in value during the early years. Let someone else take the hit, buy used.

Tip # 10 – Court to comfort food

It is very easy to cook in bulk and freeze the rest to make your own “comfort food” you. You can take it to work with you to save $ 6 – $ 9 lunch account fast food. Need to mention, the food is prepared at home can be much healthier than what you are buying at a local fast food restaurant.

 These are just some tips to help you find ways to save money. But remember, unless the economy is a priority for you, never will happen. So, starting today, even if you save a little. Make a habit of saving, and you will be surprised how fast they grow savings account.