List Of Duties Of Taxation Professional

Northeastern’s online masters in taxation make taxation professional to educate on the following aspects:

  1. Should be able to ensure that organization or individual are making correct payment and also at the right time.
  2. Should be responsible for detecting and investigating on tax evasion kinds of activities of an individual or organization.
  3. They should be able to provide necessary information and able to advice individuals and business in terms of their career and business growth over a period of time.
  4. Should be able to apply tax legislation for all type of companies like partnerships, corporations and other limited liability companies.
  5. Should be able to examine all kinds of financial accounts and able to record the background materials for the companies.
  6. Should be able to judge and identify the fraud in the business by keen investigation.
  7. Should give expert advice on taxation related topics for all types of companies and self employed persons.
  8. Should be able to negotiate the settlements of taxes with other professionals like tax payers, accountants, and solicitors of the company or organization.
  9. Should inspect the finance of the company and identify how it works in the company or organization.
  10. Should be able to review in details of the business of company and able to identify whether the tax law is implied to the company or not.
  11. Examining the financial and annual records to understand the life style of board of directors and other higher officials of the company.
  12. Should be able to visit the company in a periodical manner and investigate people on face to face discussion.

Other Responsibilities

  1. Should be able to provide advisory and consulting services to the clients and able to make sure that they are paying the accurate tax amount to the government.
  2. Should be able to guide periodically if there is any changes in the taxation implied by the local, federal or state government.
  3. Should work along with corporate companies and make sure that they are not paying the tax amount than the prescribed amount during the year.
  4. Should be able to provide large asset holding individuals in an effective manner.

Entry Requirements

  1. The minimum academic requirement is minimum two honors degree.
  2. Should be able to communicate in detail on taxation with the clients in an understandable language.
  3. Should be capable of independent thinking for any desired business related problems and provide right solution and at the right time.
  4. Should be good in analytical and problem solving.
  5. Should be able to take decisions and able to articulate with their views about the business opportunities and success.
  6. Should be able to contribute towards the team in terms of development of the business activities.
  7. Should possess strong planning and other organizing stuffs to maintain strong business with the clients.
  8. Should be able to change and has the ability to adapt to any situation. Also, should be able to respond in a positive manner by considering the focus of business over a longer period of time.