Business Safety 101: How to Operate in a Digital World

More and more, the business world is becoming a digital marketplace where face to face transactions seem to be disappearing fast. While you might still meet a real life customer or client on some occasions, there are times in every small businesses life when a whole transaction could be made without the help of a real person on the business end.

So how do you protect your company and yourself in a world where cybercrime is becoming more popular than theft? Keep reading to understand how you can take care of your business in a world that is changing quickly.

Use Secure Transaction Sites

Many small business owners want to have their own website where they can sell products and take online payment without the help of a third party. While this is possible, the fact is that it may not be wise unless you have the cash to build a safe infrastructure for you and your client.

Instead, consider working with an outside company to help you take payments from your customers. Even major brands like PayPal can help you process transactions for a small fee while working to keep your customers safe.

In the end, per transaction fees are often better than having credit card issues with your customers.

Consider Encrypting E-Mail

E-mail is a major factor in most business transactions these days. From getting new customers to working with existing clients, chances are you use e-mail every single day. If you pass important information along though, encryption may make a huge difference when it comes to your privacy and the privacy of your customers.

Encryption services are relatively easy to find and use these days, and most of the time you won’t have to pay too much per month for these services. If you don’t need to encrypt e-mail regularly, many businesses even use services that allow them to pay per e-mail.

Determine your needs and check rates to figure out if monthly service is best for you or not.

Hire Outside Help

No matter what your company does, security should be important to you. If you want to retain your customers, you don’t want to lose any of them because of security issues. You also don’t want to get the reputation as a company that can’t be trusted.

Hire outside help to evaluate your security. Any outside company that does this for a living can help you create a cyber security checklist to keep you and your customers safe.